Half-Blood Prince Banners Now Online!

Did I already told you I just can't wait for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? 

On my previous post? Two of my previous post? Haha... I know, all of my posts regarding Harry Potter 6. :D

Well, why not?! The movie was already delayed eight months after its original release date which was November 20, 2008. 

I'm sure loads of people are very much itching to see this! The movie seems very promising based on its trailer and the posters are really good. 

Half-Blood Prince News

Looks like we can finally set as to when we're going to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, thanks to this list of release dates posted by Warner Brothers on its official website. :D

It is scheduled to be released here in the Philippines on July 16, 2009. I'm pretty excited! Hehehe...

Anyway, check out this new trailer. :D

Eraserheads Live! The Final Set Reunion Concert

Uhmm... I won’t claim to be a big fan of Eraserheads. I don’t own any albums. I don’t know all their songs, just those that were released or played on the radio. That's why, a day before the concert, I was still undecided if I would go that I let my father to decide for me. To my surprise, he agreed. :D

So came the concert day. We were late! We came running when we heard that the show was about to start. Fortunately, it was only the MTV VJs that were onstage. So while waiting for the Eheads, we kept ourselves busy by taking pictures, watching their old videos and interviews that were actually some sort of a trip down the memory lane. :)

After a few minutes, letters started flashing on the big screen that turned out to be a different kind of countdown, which of course, ended with the letter E. And then, Magasin was played. Neither Red nor Diane got the first song right. Hahaha... :P

Huwag Mo Nang Itanong is one of the songs I was looking forward to hear and it was sung in Reggae style by Marcus, who has a Hello Kitty guitar. Cute! :D

And who would forget when Ely said, "On vocals… Raimund Marasigan!" or when Raimund came to Ely and the two posed for a photograph. Sweet! :D

On the second set or should I say, the acoustic set, they were all seated while playing Julie Tearjerky, Tikman, Pare Ko, Kailan, Spolarium and Overdrive. When the band left, it felt like the concert was already over but no one was leaving. Everyone was asking for more including actor Jericho Rosales who was very enthusiastic about it!

On the next set, Ely sang Super Proxy and Kaleidoscope World as a tribute to Francis M. Too bad he didn't make it. He was supposed to jam with them. :(

Also on this set was when they performed a slower version of Alapaap that I loved so much and Minsan that was very touching because of Ely's voice and facial expression. I even thought it could be their theme song. :)

Then of course, the Huling El Bimbo which I expected to be the last song. Well, fireworks started to light up the sky and confetti was pouring down when it was about to end. :)

Onstage, the Eheads standed side by side and bowed together. Oh before that, Ely set a piano on fire and threw his sneakers to the crowd as he left. He even thought of throwing his socks. Hahaha...

As the people were heading for the exit, we decided to hang out at the giant Coke for a while which was a good thing, because a few minutes later we heard Ely said "3 for the road". :D

They played Ligaya, Sembreak and Toyang. At that point in time, the VIP got to sing the last song because Ely went down the stage and passed the microphone to them. Then, end of the concert.

Since we were already tired, thirsty and hungry we decided to look for a place to eat and we ended up at Fish & Co.  This is me with my Eheads concert ticket. Hehehe... 

Overall? The best concert ever of course! Good thing, I came for this or I'll probably regret it. :D


My e-Cake!

Sent to me by Ayi via MSN. Now you know why i called it e-cake! Hahaha...

Thanks Ayi! I love it. Yeah, I'm easy to please! Hehehe...

Anyway, don't you just love this Wall-E cake? Found it in here while googling!

If I have a cake like that, I'll just stare at it and never eat it. It's so cute! :D

Happy Birthday To Me!

First things first! Thanks to all those who took time to wish me a happy birthday. You all made me really happy. Thanks so much again for remembering. :)

It's too bad time passes so fast, my day is almost over. :(

I must admit, turning 22 made me feel like I'm an adult. It's because I have completely embraced my breadwinner status which is kinda hard to come to terms with because I'm used to being so childish. Then again, I think I have grown to become a little more responsible and mature person. I wonder if someone will agree with me on this... Hehehe...

Don't matter, I just hope I'm better at being 23. :D

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Behind The Scenes

Wow! Can't wait for HP6 to come out. :(


I was looking for a site that can help me turn my pictures into a comic strip, then Google gave me this - Comeeko!

Comeeko lets you create your own comic strip without the need of any drawing skills. Simply upload your own photos, choose a custom layout, add effects and text bubbles and that's it. You can now share it with your friends.

Check out this one I have created. :)


Daisy is a Korean love story about a young woman who works as a sidewalk artist in Amsterdam and mistakenly fell in love with an Interpol detective whom she thought was the one sending her daisies everyday. The truth is, the one sending her daisies is a professional hitman who couldn't reveal himself to her because of his profession.

This is another touching act from Jeon Ji-hyun – one of my favorite actresses. If you loved her other movies, I’m sure you’ll loved this one.

Check out the trailer below.

30 Second Reenactment Of Twilight

Check out these bunnies that re-enacted Twilight in 30 seconds.

Hilarious isn't it? Hehehe...

Twilight Dolls!

I find the dolls cute and to my surprise accurate so I thought I post them here. Hehehe...

Check them out at Dollz Mania.